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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

fun lunch time accessories

A bit challenging after the turmoil of summer to go back to a certain 'food routine'. I mean by that, and I speak in a personal way, how shall we go back to this exciting (from my point of view) but boring (from my kids' says) bunch of green vegetable I serve at lunchtime?

My trick: getting some creativity and fun through the food accessories and tablewares. Let's admit it, it doesn't fade completely the reluctance from my kids, but it helps a little little bit.

And at least we enjoy a nice set of plates at home ...

My selection for 'peaceful' lunches:

Melamine Plate with retro elephants and children from Zazzle

Melamine Plate with monsters from Funky Monsters

Melamine Plate with hens

Melamine Plates with fruits and other plates from Smallable

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