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Come into my room - Lily, 6 years old

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

End of summer always carries along this exciting desire of change. And I must say, I'm particularly excited to bring a touch of 'new' to my kids' bedrooms. Witnessing their eyes and faces when they come back from holiday and get into their room. Priceless.

This year, I specifically looked at my girl's room.

bring a touch of creativity to kids room

I wasn't disappointed the other day when she opened the door of her bedroom ♥♥♥


Doll house designed and made by L I L Y LOOP

Painted Metal house-shaped storages from Tiger

Metal house-shapped storage found in a small decor shop in France

Soft Doll Sling designed and made by L I L Y LOOP

Yellow rabbit piggy bank found at a charity shop

Yellow Olga Lamp from La Chaise Longue

Decorative traditional dolls brought back from China and Poland

Knitted sleepers from Zara kid

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