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The A to Z making of a doll bed

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

This is where it starts ...

- Cut (jigsaw doesn't have secrets for me anymore ❣) and assemble (glue and nail) the wooden panels

- Paint the whole wooden bed, with the chosen colour

- Check with the little girl what her favourite colours are

- Select the fabrics for the bedding set

- Sew the mattress, the duvet cover and the pillow, and fill them with a very soft foam

- Arrange everything in the brand new bed

- Stand back and look at it (proudly)

This is where it ends:

The little girl puts dearly her doll in the bed, ensuring she is nicely wrapped in the duvet and whispers to her: "Sweet dreams lovely baby doll!"

Doll Bed with coordinated bedding set designed and hand made by L I L Y LOOP

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