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My own space for creativity to flourish

My home - and I should say my kitchen - is my working place. The beauty of it is that I have everything at hand. My materials and supplies, my fabrics, my handmade accessories ready to sale, my Mac, and of course my sewing machine and other tools I need. Cherry on the cake, I even have my preferred source of inspiration, moving and living right in front of my eyes; I named my little girl.

I recently decided to fully own a corner of my 'working place' (aka the kitchen).

A space I could leave as-is days and nights.

A space reflecting my state of mind and my favourites

A space I wanted (fully and unquestionably) mine in this happy bustling house

A space that specifically would spark my imagination


Toledo High Chair from Cult Furniture

Wire Mesh Memo-Board from Clippings

High Gloss Standing desk made to measure

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