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A handmade dollhouse for my girl

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

handmade dollhouse by dis badeth!

I’ve long admired the teeny tiny dollhouses I came across. So much that one day, I decided I would design my own one for my little girl. I started by drawing a floor plan of the ideal dollhouse – not too small, not too big, enough rooms for the whole (coming) family. Once the structure of the house was all built, I actually moved to the truly exciting bit of hand making a dollhouse … decorating it… Afterwards, I realised that immersing into the world of miniature turned me (for a while) into a “recycling” maniac: keeping all sort of materials and objects. Compotes’ plastic caps or Nespresso capsules would turn into lampshades, mini-jam jars would be revamped as bedside tables. I’ve been for a few months literally hunting any material I would come across to upcycle for the dollhouse.

Eventually I got there …

If I’m very honest, I might say that I’m still (unconsciously) looking for some new fancy additions... But shush... I keep them as coming surprises for my little girl!

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