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🎄 Looking for Christmas decoration? 🎄

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Each year, once Christmas is behind us, I get my ‘Christmas decoration (big) basket’ and drop all the decorations in there, honestly thinking that I would use them again the following year.

So, how does it come that one year later, I go for new colourful decorations, Xmas accessories and festive decor?

You shall call it "I can’t resist to new colours", "I am weak, that’s all", "I want to make it the most festive moment for my little girl and my boys" …

I have to confess that this year (again???!!!), I’ve been looking for new Xmas décor …

I’m rushing to share it with you, hoping this would explain (at least this year) why I'm going to offer myself and my kids a few – new AND (sometimes) colourful – Christmas accessories.

Snowshill Bauble with Feathers from John Lewis

Frosted Green Bottle Brush Trees from Factory Direct Craft

Girls Advent Calendar from Smallable

Festive hanging Hearts designed and made by L I L Y LOOP

Cardboard Snowflake Wreath from Rastall & Daughters

Clear Acrylic Fillable Ball Ornament from Factory Direct Craft

Lattice Fairy Light Star from Notonthehighstreet

Seated Reindeer Pair White from Smallable

Freckle Felt Ball Garland from Little Yellow Birds

Star Tin Can Lantern from Rastall & Daughters

Firefly Bell Jar from Lights4Fun

Snowshill Robin Winter Scene Bauble from John Lewis

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