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Reverse Advent Gifting Box

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

There’s a lot of pleasure and excitement to make the Christmas season perfect, especially with kids around. This comes with a bit of a 'marathon' run #1 to find the perfect Christmas tree (big enough to impress the kids, but light enough to carry as says my husband!), #2 to decorate it in a festive way (and accept that your children, decorating it, may not have - yet - your well-developed sense of aesthetics), #3 to come up with gifts that will truly lift and make our loved ones happy (easy one for my little girl, trickier for my boys & my husband), #4 decorate, decorate, decorate everything in the house (you can start today!, #5 ..., #6 ..., ..., #26 be jolly, #27 ..., ..., #98 ...

And think about others. The less fortunate ones.

Adding therefore this year a #something (I lost count) step which is a Reverse Advent Box. Our family project starting today! I must admit we had a bit of debate about what to choose and offer, feeling my little girl a bit anxious to have to look into what she has to pick up a present. But we'll get there eventually. So exciting to fill in this box for somebody we don't know!

1st of December: Mummy's turn. I filled in the box with a first gift.

Dad's turn is tomorrow

Big Boy's turn is on the 3rd

Young Boy's turn is on the 4th

Little Girl's turn is on the 5th (she already thought about writing a loving letter - how charming!)

And so on...

reverse advent gift

Happy Christmas sharing and caring!

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