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Gifts for her at less than £30 🎁

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Exciting to make a selection of gifts for both mummies and little girls today!

I set my own rules of the game: sparking colours, interesting materials, fancy designs, and niche brands.

And here I am with …

My selection for mums:

Graphic napkins (£20) from Happy + Co

Jewellery pot (£14) from This Modern Life

Rose old English vintage pink (£9) from Funky Bunch

Little Quote Jar (£25) from This Modern Life

Cashmere knitted wrist warmers (£28) from Ligitashop

Aristo Cup Candle (£9.99) from Maisons du Monde

My selection for girls:

Chat child's pink cotton dressing gown (£24.99) from Maisons du Monde

Hoppel The Floppy Rabbit (£24) from Smallable

Baby Doll Changing Set with diapers (£22) from L I L Y LOOP

Wooden Jewellery Kit (£16) from Rue des Petits

Knitted Cardigan - Green Lagoon (£18) from Tendre Deal

White Rabbit tights (£16) from Little Titans

Happy shopping!

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