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Happy New Year 2017

Back today after a few days off. Or shallI I say after a few days which kept all of us quite busy ... Stuffing the turkey while hiding to wrap the kids’ presents (to keep Santa a mystery) while asking ourselves "did we forget anybody?" while capturing priceless moments in a photo while surviving to so many meals and drinks while having a board game for the umpteenth time while making sure the desired doll arrives on time for the little girl while ordering a few carrots for Santa's reindeers while having a moment of panic not to have enough wrapping paper while ordering 3 boxes of marrons glacés (or shall I go for 7???) while crafting a stocking for my kids while opening a door of the advent calendar every morning while reading Christmas stories to my little girl while ...

Oh, did I forget to mention the lovely time we spent all together with the kids and family?


In the mean time ...

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