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Toy kitchens & tableware to play

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

A kitchen, tableware and cooking utensils for the mini-gourmand our little ones are!

My girl is the best "helper". She always wants to do what I'm doing, especially at cooking time. And when I'm not cooking, she organises her very own party with her special guests - dolls and teddies - and she plays the full set, from cooking, setting the table (on the floor) in the nicest way and eating with them the delicious meals she specifically prepared for them. It is very often about pasta (I wonder why??!!!) with a few additions.

I couldn't help to dig a bit into this formidable 'cooking world' for little ones ...

KitCraft Smoothie set from Smallable

DIY Play Kitchen

Toy Cupcake stand from gltc

Tea party set by L I L Y LOOP

Le Toy van stove from Smallable

Toy Cookware set from gltc

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