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February sounds like our Birthday Month

After the long dully January month, February always sounds like we're going back to full speed (family wise). And I shall especially blame my kids for that. Yes. Two birthdays in the same month. Just that. With only 22 days 'rest' between the two. Bless my children!

My younger boy and my little girl count the days until their birthday. The countdown usually starts a month earlier. This translates each time to the unending question in my (already busy) 'to-do-list-for-my-sweet-kids-I-love-so-much': what shall we do this year to celebrate his/her birthday with his/her friends?

The question seems quite straight forward and simple to answer. But let's bring a bit of context to it:

* It needs to be different (each year)

* it needs to be big (each year)

* it needs to be bold (each year)

* it needs to be fun (each year)

* it needs to be awesome (each year)

* it needs to be on budget (my addition - each year!)

* it needs to be easy to organise (my other addition - each year!)

Still an easy one would you say???

The festivities start tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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