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16 things we would do if we were still Little Girls

We would wear wellies during summer, and summery circle skirts in winter, just because we love them and need to wear them 'now!'

We would loudly shout in the house (and by default to neighbours) about the exact moment we would need to poop.

We would hide under the table to get chased by our beloved.

We would mix purple, fuchsia and light pink through our outfit, and would add a red headband to this. And we might look for an additional yellow accessorise.

We could watch 27 times the same film (in a month), without getting bored.

We would drink our soup with 5 straws, to explore the laws of physics.

We would eat pastas at breakfast, lunch, dinner, 24/24, 7/7, 52/52

We would dress up as a princess when doing the grocery shopping.

We would receive 27 presents at Christmas time, ticking all the ones we wrote into our letter to Santa (the amazing pair of high heels we wished, the elegant bicycle in a very nice light green, …).

We would believe into Santa, the tooth fairy, and into the absolute need to take a vow if we have an eyelash on our cheek, whatever we're doing at that critical moment.

We would have 2 rabbits, a cat, a pony and 3 penguins at home. At least. And a unicorn of cours.

We would hop our way to work, even in the tube.

We would stuff the most grapes in our mouth and then burst out laughing.

We would hide as many sweets as possible in our pockets to share with our best friends.

We would religiously clean off our nose, while waiting for the bus.

We would dream of living with our best friends, in the same house, during the whole life.

Any similarity with the way a little girl I know behaves, is more likely to be.

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