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All about Turquoise

I'm not sure when was the first time I answered "Turquoise" to the #askedeveryotherweek question from my little girl: "Mummy, what is your favorite colour?". I literally loved the look on her face when, at least for once, I said casually: "Turquoise". My little girl was so much expecting my #answeredeveryotherweek "pink"response !!! So hilarious.

TURQUOISE! Turquoise is somehow soothing and invigorating at the same time. It reminds us of cool sea breezes, brilliant skies, and a splash of energy. Happiness in a nutshell.

My selection of items for little girls, tapping into the formidable hues of Turquoise ...


Reversible Circle Skirt from L I L Y LOOP

Turquoise Fabric from Blue Sheep Boutique on Etsy

Teepee tent – Breath of Turquoise from Fun with Mum

Turquoise tulip Notebook from Izzi Rainey

Pretty Cushions from L I L Y LOOP

Oak Desk "My little pupitre" from French Blossom

Love Framed Picture from Lilliput Belle on Notonthehighstreet

Mini Gaston in Teal Blue from Loaf

Turquoise Scoubidou Tica Chair from The Rocking Company

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