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Easter egg-stravaganza

What I love about Easter ....

# The smell of Easter lilies

# The smell of spring (on its way)

# Exploring DIY about Easter and coming with fancy ideas, years after years ... creativity can't be compromised ...

# Decorating eggs with fancy pink and turquoise (and eating a lot of eggs in the days before)

# The kids enjoy so much the adventure of a treasure hunt

# We enjoy so much the challenge of hiding the eggs in unexpected places (a lot of thinking about this to make it more challenging as the kids grow up)

# Ring a small bell and witness the rush of the kids running everywhere

# The sharing exercise (or shall I say the talks?) once the treasure hunt is over, to share the 'booty' in the fairest way

# The chocolate orgy

Easter party gift boxes, Bunny themed baby outfit, Easter designed fabric, spring decorations, bunny bags. Here is my selection to celebrate Easter in the most 'bunniest' way this year.

Very private joke from my little girl about eggs ...

- my girl: "How do baby chickens dance?"

- me: ...

- my girl: "Chick-to-chick!"

- my girl and me: (laugh)

Happy Easter everyone!

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