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Spring inspiration for Girls' room

Spring is around the corner ... Days become longer, temperatures are higher, even the sun shines differently… The new season is definitely upon us. It’s a great time for a bit of a shake-up in your girl's bedroom.

Here are some ideas for your girl's room 'new' design.

These girls' room ideas are simple tricks and tweaks. They don't cost a fortune but they can have a fantastic and very unique style impact. I'm talking about things like bringing in new stylish decor (even small ones matter!), injecting some zesty new colours and switching out accessories for brighter, "spring-ier" options.

Let's get inspired.


Small gallery of artwork (DIY)

Fabric Flag Garland from L I L Y LOOP

Reuse old frame to display favourite pics of your girl (DIY)

Bright Pink Flamingo Wall decor from Chloe Fleury

Chou Chou Wallpaper in pink from Sister Parish Design

Fabric letters do the talking (DIY)

Wall stickers from Parkins Interiors

Go bananas and Monkey Reversible quilt cover from Sackme

Colourful Storage unit from IKEA

Now is your turn to play. Add your personal touch and surprise your girl!

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