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Hampshire, through the eyes of a little girl

Having spent a bit too much time indoor than outdoor during the last months (for ages I shall say), it was about time - end of April - to get out from our (certainly cosy) nest in London. We bravely decided to explore a bit of the English countryside towards the South-West of London. Hello Hampshire!

... The rest of this exploration is narrated by two 7 y.o. girls.

Realising that horses are really really really really REALLLLLLY big

Trying to have a private moment. No photo please!

Being the (unrevealed) Oscar-nominated Hollywood stars of "Airplane" movie

Feeding our minds, before feeding our - starving - stomachs with a gigantic (organic of course) burger

Solving 'the Chicken or the Egg' causality dilemma. Chicken come first. Then I get fresh eggs for our breakfast. How could it be otherwise???

Congratulating my hero (aka daddy) for his very first skydiving jump

Last words: "Why can't we live in the countryside?"

Well, hum ...

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