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The Mediterranean Coast, through the eyes of a little girl 🌴

The journey to arrive to The Mediterranean could actually stand as the momentum of my storytelling about this family break. Booked on a BA flight - presumably leaving London on a Saturday afternoon - actually not leaving London on that Saturday afternoon, nor even the day after - we finally arrived to the Big Blue sea two days later, thanks to the Eurostar. We've been tempted at some point to trust t(he famous) Werner Herzog when he says "The world reveals itself to those who travel by foot". Although we doubted we could squeeze a 1,238kms walk (x2) within a week escape from London ...

... The rest of this family break is narrated by a 7 y.o. girl.

Keeping a smily face, whatever happens. As soon as I have my (not anymore so) fluffly rabbit with me

Staying still (as much as I can on my small feet) to see a fish. Long wait ...

Taming a friendly sea animal to go far away in the sea (sea animal = daddy!)

Feeling sooooo small compared to the Big Blue!!!

Feeling like one of "Les demoiselles de Saint Tropez"

Feeling inspired by all the beautiful things I've seen

I don't want to think that tomorrow I'm back to school ...

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