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I love ... Unicorns

"Many years ago in the Fairytale world, a family of fairies lived and played happily, making magic wherever they went. They were surrounded by beautiful and so kind unicorns. They would all live together, creating rainbows with their magical fingers so that the unicorns could jump over them ..."

Immersing into the fantasy world of girls, what a treat!

To push it further, here are a few of my fav Unicorn picks. Follow me on my 🦄, if you dare.


Unicorn Snow Globe from Firebox

Girl's Unicorn Sweatshirt from Kitty's Prints

Unicorn Lampshade from Emma Purdie

Unicorn Garland from Bobby Rabbit

Unicorn Baby Bodysuit from Little Stitches

Unicorn Wall Decor from Posh Totty

Quote of the day: "When someone told me I lived in a fantasy world, I nearly fell of my unicorn".

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