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(My) winter sale selection for girls

Smarten up your girl's season's wardrobe with some mellow shades of caramel, intense navy with a punch of brume colour palette. A hint of sweetness that has a timeless appeal for girls.

And here we go with our 100% sale selection for girls.

Girls' Bomber Jacket

Girls' Bomber-Style Velvet Jacket from Vert Baudet

Charming velvet fabric and iridescent polka dots.

Cardigan in Caramel Colour

Trainers La redoute

Cardigan in Caramel Colour from La Redoute

I'm such in love with this warm caramel colour ♡ ♡ ♡

Canvas Trainers from La Redoute

I must admit ... I couldn't resist to buy these trainers for my little one.

Poppy Dress in Navy Blue from L I L Y LOOP

Make your girl try it and she'll adopt it! The perfect mix between elegance and coziness. Have you ever touched such a smooth fabric???

top girl louise misha

Top Jasmine Brume from Louise Misha

This top is all about details with its ruffles and subtle embroideries.

Sweatshirt Milk and Biscuits

Marbled Sweatshirt from Milk & Biscuits

I find this sweatshirt so unique with its marbled print.

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