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Our Winter 17' Clothing Collection for Girls

More than 2 months without any news on the Blog, just guess why ...

a) The summer 🌴 did a really great job on me i.e. taking the time to relax (at least a bit).

b) The 3 kids were out of school.

c) I've been cooking a lot, making the most of the combination "amazing local products" & "family meals can't be rushed over the holiday period".

d) Pushing the creativity as far as I could to keep my kids busy with fancy activities.

e) Having amazing time with friends over the summer

and f) The preparation of the Winter 17' Clothing Collection for Girls has been (highly) absorbing ... elaborating the whole collection, designing each garment, sourcing the materials, making/sewing all the garments and accessories ... phew ...

Might be a mix of everything actually ...

October 2017 - We are even more proud to launch the Winter 17' Clothing Collection for Girls

Our inspirations ...

The whole collection is ready for you to discover. We hope you love it as much as we do! ♡♡♡

Talk to you then in a few days

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