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I love ... Flamingo

Nothing better than a pink Flamingo fever to brighten these sad, downbeat, dull, gloomy, glum, melancholic (and any other additional adjectives communicating a sticky dark grey atmosphere) days of January ... I love Flamingo these days. I love pink as ever (my little girl's influence ...).

Enjoy the selection ...


Flamingo Mug from Paper Plane

Frame Pink Flamingo in pool by AmelieLegault

Compact Mirror from Lisa Angel

Flamingo Fabric from Sparklyfabric

Flora and the Flamingo book by Molly IdleSecret Cr

Flamingo Garland from Secret Craft House

Metallic 'Hello Beautiful' Flamingo Cushion from Lisa Angel

Flaming Wall sticker from I Love retro

Flamingo baby Legging by Blade & Rose

Hooray!!! A bit of white as Snow is coming!

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