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Quebec, through the eyes of a little girl

Half term. One week overlap between the 3 kids. Lucky us!

We've booked a trip to Quebec. Stopping first at the fabulous Sacacomie Lodge, hidden in the Canadian hardwood forrest; wandering in Quebec City and discovering the majestic Saint Laurent river; and then, our final destination, visiting our best mates in Montreal.

Exciting family trip!

I let my little girl to tell about this trip (in her very own terms)...

Experiment an eskimo's life

Ice skating with my super hero (dad)

I was so happy to see that Quebeckers also eat pasta.

I used the Canadian family car

A snowball fight everyday to remove the snow from the car! Yesssss!!!

I learned to hold a big carrot with my fingertips

Relax (with mummy) in front of a log fire

With 'ma tuque', I don't fear bears anymore!

Local inhabitant inspiring my creativity

Fabulous Quebec!!!!

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