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How we met (Chez) Paulette

Chez Paulette, the happy finding in Bayeux on our way back from our beloved island, Noirmoutier.

A bit of medieval immersion - first - in this town on the Aure river in the Normandy region of France. And a bit later, we randomly came across Chez Paulette.

Who would expect this unique place in the famous home of the Bayeux Tapestry?

We basically dove into the iconic world of the 70's ... Chez Paulette is a tea house, but not only. I shall actually say, it's a real Aladdin's Cave offering all kinds of retro items from the seventies. Some of them reminded me of my childhood, some others made me smile, some others made me laugh. A mix of flowery wax tablecloth, Formica furniture, Bavaria teapot, plastic egg box, childhood toys. The beauty of this shop is not only to gather vintage items, but actually to create an enchanted world for adults and children.

Chez Paulette stopped the time for a moment. How charming!

Chez Paulette - 44 Rue des Cuisiniers - 14400 Bayeux

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